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Crocodile biology

Crocodile biology

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Crocodiles are similar to alligators and caimans; for their common biology and differences between them, see Crocodilia. 17 Dec A crocodile is a stealthy predators from an ancient group of reptiles. Crocodiles include alligators, caiman, true crocodiles and gharials. 22 May Welcome to the Crocodilian Biology Database, part of the project . Scroll down to see the various topics covered here, or check.

From tooth to tail, modern crocodiles are biological marvels, with rugged bodies, keen senses, and incredible strength. Among the more distinctive characteristics of the crocodilians are their almost completely four-chambered heart, teeth that are set into sockets in the jaw, a palate. 20 Nov The crocodiles are species belonging to the subfamily Crocodylinae. They are amphibious reptiles and as such can be found on land and.

20 Apr Crocodile, (order Crocodylia, or Crocodilia), any of 23 species of generally large, ponderous, amphibious animals of lizardlike appearance and. This book is a comprehensive reference on the biology, management and health of crocodiles, alligators and gharials. Emphasis is on diagnosis, treatment, and. Crocodilian Biology and Professional Management concentrates on the captive maintenance techniques, husbandry, breeding, and special requirements for the . Status and Nesting Biology of the American Crocodile, Crocodylus acutus,. ( Reptilia, Crocodilidae) in Florida. John C. Ogden. National Audubon Research. Nile crocodile biology. The Nile crocodile shows a shift in diet with increasing body size. Young individuals usually feed on insects, small fish, amphibians and .

Authors of a new study suggest that million-year-old structures, previously identified as the brains of ancient arthropods, are instead preserved microbial. 25 Apr Functional MRI in the Nile crocodile: a new avenue for evolutionary neurobiology . By applying fMRI techniques to the crocodile, we have attempted to Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences: (). The Nile Crocodile is a freshwater crocodile. It feeds on animals that come to drink at water sources, dragging them under the water and drowning them. The saltwater crocodile and freshwater crocodile have a peak spatial skull shape for the ecology and conservation biology of crocodiles, PhD Thesis, Leiden.


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